Dallas Car Title Loans


Title Loans Aren’t Just For Hundreds

When people think of auto title loans, they typically think of quick cash advances for small sums of money. The quick part is right – Dallas Title Loans can put cash in your pocket in just 24 hours. The small sum of money part, however, is false.

Let’s say you drive a relatively new car and you apply for a title loan. If your car has low mileage and is in good condition, you can borrow thousands with its title as collateral. Let’s say you drive a really nice new car, like a Mercedes-Benz or a Lexus – you can borrow tens of thousands with Dallas Car Title Loans. In fact, you can borrow all the way up to $50,000.

Because the amount of your loan only depends on your car’s value, there’s never a credit check involved. That’s right – even if you have absolutely no credit or have recently filed for bankruptcy you can borrow thousands with car title loans in Dallas.

There’s another misconception that many potential borrowers have. Many think that because you’re using your vehicle title as collateral, you have to give up your car until you repay. That couldn’t be further from the truth. While repaying a title loan, you can drive your car as much you want. Take a roadtrip with your family, drive to that amusement park out of town, or just drive to and from work every day. It’s your car, so Dallas Title Loans lets you drive it however you’d like. So, to recap, you can borrow tens of thousands of dollars and drive your car whenever you’d like. How’s that for a great lending option?