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No Credit Check, No Pre-Approval Fees, No Fine Print!

It is quick and easy to obtain an auto title loan with Dallas Car Title Loans. We are the very best title loan company in Dallas, Texas.  No extended lines to stand in, no bank officer to speak with, no stacks of paperwork and no waiting weeks for all of the red tape to clear.  We can give you a car title loan within a couple hours of applying.  We guarantee client satisfaction.  If you decide to pay back the loan early, Dallas Car Title Loans will not charge a prepayment penalty like most lending institutions, and we have some of the lowest rates in the state.  Our car title loans are based a percentage of the value of the vehicle.  Should you have a fully-paid title, you can get a title loan from us.  We consider the mileage, make, model and year of your automobile to find the fair marketplace value.  The amount of our car title loans are based on the value of your vehicle.

Situations beyond your control or expectancy can arise out of nowhere. Without warning, you may have a situation where you need money quick and do not have time to waste waiting for your bank to have all their ducks in a row.  Banks consider your credit score to determine if they will lend cash to you.  If you have one blemish on there, they will turn you down instantly.  At Dallas Car Title Loans, we don’t look at your credit score when applying for a car title loan.  We don’t care if you have poor credit, no credit, foreclosure, bankruptcy, or past repossession.  As long as you have a clear title for the vehicle, we can give you a car title loan.  Fill out the easy online form, and within minutes you’ll have your quote sent to your phone or e-mail inbox and be pre-approved.  One of our title loan specialists will contact you to finalize the process, and give you the money you need in one of our nearby locations, in your home, or deposited into your bank account the exact same day you apply.  No one in Texas can give you a loan with the ease and quickness that we can.

Stop Your Research – Choose Dallas Car Title Loans

When you go to the bank or another lending institution, the fine print will tell you that there is a prepayment penalty.  Why do they have this penalty?  Mainly because they want every penny they can get out of you.  Their high interest rates on short term loans are their primary line of profit.  The penalty covers any interest they will lose should you pay the loan off early.  We do not have a prepayment penalty as part of our title loans.  In fact we are glad should you can pay the loan off sooner.  We now have much lower interest rates than any of the other lenders in the state of Texas, and we only charge interest over the current balance.

Dallas Car Title Loans is here to support you.  Our business was established to help the people who can’t get support anywhere else.  We have some of the lowest rates in Dallas.  The banks cannot match our low rates.  As long as you have a paid-off title to your vehicle, we can produce a title loan for you for generous amounts, at payments you are able to afford.  We only charge interest on the current amount owed, as opposed to the banks who figure their interest on the whole amount of the loan.  Call us at the number on the top of the screen or fill out the easy online application.  We can put money in your wallet the exact same day you apply.  Contact us now!  Don’t waste time calling around or driving around aimlessly searching for a location to obtain a loan.  Dallas Car Title Loans can assist you now.