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Support Local Bands

There is so much talent in every town, it’s almost a crime not to support local bands. Supporting local bands can be beneficial to your community, the music world, and more cost effective for yourself.

Support the talent because every big record-signed band started out just like everyone else- broke, fighting for their big break, scrambling to get their work noticed and appreciated. By supporting local bands, you help in the movement of getting good talent recognized and maybe you will be the contributing factor of getting the next big name bang up rise to up through the ranks. You also will be helping individuals support themselves. Artists usually don’t make that much money, and you would be helping keeping a roof over their head so they can continue on with their work.

Supporting local shows also show pride in your home town or city, and you help out your local economy with paying for the venues they play at and the screen printing companies they use. You also propel the cultural diversity of your area so that more bands like this arise.

Local shows are a lot more personal. You can be really close to the stage and you usually get a chance to interact with the band members before and after the show for free. With bigger names, you have to spend tons of money just to get backstage and you are usually sitting way in the back of an audience.

Local shows are cheaper than major artist tours, so if you are trying to save some money, this might be a great route for you. Local shows are usually between $5-$15 for admission and T shirts and other merchandise are between $10-$20. For a major artist show, admission is $40 or more and merchandise is between $30-$60.

Maybe, despite this cheaper alternative to live music, money is still a bit of an issue for you. Maybe you are trying to start up a band yourself and need the funds for all the equipment. If this is the case, consider taking out a car title loan to help jump start things a bit. You can get up to $50,000 for a loan, and no credit checks are necessary! It might be exactly what you are looking for to make your dreams a reality!