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Record Your Experiences Abroad

If you plan on going traveling abroad next semester or taking a long vacation during the holidays, I highly recommend you document your travels. Speaking from experience, so much happens during a trip that you cannot possibly remember all the facts and keep the chronology in order. You may think, “oh I’ll just enjoy the trip and record what happens afterwards.” You won’t. I guarantee it. And even if you do, you will leave out key details that slip past your mind during the recollection process. You really do need to record your days abroad during the trip as much as you possibly can. There are many ways in which to do this.

Keep a Journal

For people who are good at expressing themselves through words, this is a great option to record your experiences. Journals are small and can fit in a small backpack or large purse and you can bring it around almost anywhere. You don’t have to plug a journal in or recharge the batteries, just sit down at a park or on top of a mountain and record everything. For artists, you can draw little pictures of what you observe as well.

Blog About Your Experiences

This is a great option for those who want to record their experiences and also share your adventures with those back home. Keeping a blog is great because you can type up an entry and share it with loved ones overseas instantly. It’s also absolutely free! Family and friends can read up about your adventures at their own leisure rather than calling you up on the phone and asking you which would require timing if you are in different time zones and lots of additional money.

Take Pictures

Some people aren’t so great at writing and are better at taking pictures. In this way, you can keep a visual account of where you went and what you saw. You also can have the pictures in chronological order so it’s almost a photo journal of your time spent across the pond. Some people even choose to take videos as well as photos to better capture certain events.

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