Dallas Car Title Loans


Honk If You Love Peace And Quiet

“I love Dallas, but sometimes I think we’re a little too PC.  That’s why I laughed at a bumper sticker I saw the other day, “”honk if you love peace and quiet.”"

My next door neighbors could use a little help in the peace/quiet front.  They have parties in the back yard all summer long, and while we’re friends with them, we get no relief.  I never felt comfortable going out in the back just to read a book in the sunshine. And I’m sure they don’t want to see me in my swim suit.  So I looked into getting a wood fence, about five feet high.  It was $900, and I didn’t have much extra cash lying around.  So I heard you could borrow money from your car, sorta, with a car title loan.

I went online and sure enough, I found Title Loans Dallas, a great place for car title loans.  You don’t have to go to some scary store in the city, you just take ten minutes to fill out the application.  The money is available in a day or two, depending on how you do it. So I was able to put up that fence before the next weekend, when the next party was held.  I get my privacy, they get their party without having to look at me – that’s worth honking a horn. ;)