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Great Photography with a Car Title Loan

I only have two passions, travelling and photography. Fortunately, the two get along very well and my desire to travel to new places helps me take wonderful shots of nature. Unfortunately, selling digital images does not make for a very comfortable living. Although I have been able to establish myself as a professional photographer in the past year, there is still much to be done.

I love traveling to scenic places

Travelling to historical sites, scenic places in the wilderness, crowded cities, and deserted towns always presents a photographer with unique opportunities. I still cannot call any of my pictures my magnum opus, and it gives me hope to know that the best is yet to come. Some of the images have sold for a few hundred bucks each, yet, securing finances for travelling is always an issue. What I make from my work is only enough to pay bills.

Grand Canyons here I come! 

The Grand Canyons have always appealed to me and I also wanted to try my hand at fishing at the Colorado River there. A few months back I decided to finally go there and explore all the picturesque possibilities the canyons had to offer. My friends Dave and Jose are great anglers and I decided to take them both with me on a road trip. Money was an issue and I needed around $2,000 in cash to make things happen for me. As a professional photographer, I am a walking flag for banks and lending institutions so I was doubtful about getting a bank loan.

You can get Dallas Car Title Loans in 24-hours My uncle told me about Dallas Car Title Loans and I somehow thought “That’s impossible! How can it be that way!”, but to my pleasant surprise when I checked their website, it was true. I could get as much as $2,000 dollars in cash in a day against the title of my car. So I took my car to a nearby lender’s location for valuation and then got the cash in my bank account in a day. I was glad they did not ask me anything about my credit history.

Dallas Car Title Loans gave me cash in a day to afford my trip 

I drove to the Grand Canyons with my friends and we enjoyed a nice time there for a week. The customer services representatives at Dallas Car Title Loans told me that the loan is repaid through a flexible installment plan, which could be modified if my financial situation changed. Not only was my loan approved fast, I also got to dictate my own payment terms.

Most of my work sold for very good prices, and I managed to pay back the full loan plus the interest in just three months.

My fantastic trip to the Grand Canyons was made possible due to Dallas Car Title Loans. After I returned home, there was still money left in my wallet so I took my girlfriend out for shopping at the NorthParkCenter. She bought some sun dresses and some flip flops to gear up for the summer.

Taking out the loan was a breeze and it is good to know that there are cash lenders out there who can give you cash when you need it within a day.