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Get Money To Finish Your Basement

If your house has a basement, you are probably aware that this increases the value of your home.  People are willing to pay more for a house with a basement for the simple reason that it’s larger, and when calculating a home’s asking price, square footage is very important.  If your basement is unfinished, though, you aren’t getting the most out of it, in terms of both potential market value and utility.

If your basement is currently unfinished, you should look into getting it finished.  Even if you don’t plan on selling your home in the near future, you’ll have another area of your house to enjoy while you live there.  You can turn your newly finished basement into the bar, game room, or extra bedroom that you’ve always wanted, and when you do choose to sell your home, you’ll be glad you did – because that basement will earn you thousands of extra dollars.

On average, the cost of finishing a basement is about $20 per square feet, which adds up very, very quickly if your basement is large.  You can save money if you do some of the work yourself, but still, you are looking at spending thousands of dollars no matter how you slice it.  Also, you need to factor in the cost of furnishing your basement once all the remodeling has been done.

If your plans of finishing your basement have been derailed because you can’t afford it, there is a solution.  Dallas Car Title Loans can get you a quick cash loan to remodel your basement.  They work in the business of car title loans, which allow you, the borrower, to get a quick loan without a credit check, since your car’s title is utilized as collateral instead.  That means you will be able to get a loan whether you have bad credit, no credit, or even a bankruptcy on record.  Not many lenders will take the risk of lending to someone with a rocky financial past, but Dallas Car Title Loans certainly will.  When you’re ready to get the extra cash you’re in need of, apply with Dallas Car Title Loans today!