Dallas Car Title Loans


Fast Cash, Low Interest, No Credit Check

I needed some immediate cash to get a laptop for my college. I needed a high end laptop because I was going to use some softwares that required big ram and memory space. I went to several electronic store to find out their financing options. However, their interest rates were higher than my credit card. On top of all that my credit was very bad so I knew I could not get approved for enough loan at any store. I decided to go online to search for bad credit loans in Dallas.

That is when I came across car title loans in Dallas. They said they did not run credit reports. So I gave it a shot and applied on their website. The only thing they required was my auto title for loan security. I submitted the application online and immediately got a pre-approval amount, which was enough to get me a nice laptop. So I called them and verified my information. Through out their whole process they did not ask for my credit history. They approved my loan over the phone and found me the nearest location from my house to pick up the cash I needed. I was very satisfied with their service. I got what I needed, fast cash with low interest rates and no credit check.

I recommend you Dallas Title Loans if you are in the same situation as I was in.