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Celebrity Look-a-likes For Hire? There’s Got To Be A Better Way To Make Money!

The recent trend of celebrity look-a-likes has hit the press today as wannabe actors and actresses who resemble famous folks such as Charlie Sheen and Kate Middleton are beginning to make a living from their looks. These so-called celebrities are using these ‘resemblances’ (any person with two eyes and a subscription to People Magazine can tell the difference from a mile away) to get rich, but is it fair?

The look-a-like crowd says that they are in no way trying to exploit the celebrities that they resemble and are only doing it in good fun. One woman who resembles our newest princess (no, not Disney’s Sofia the First), Kate Middleton, has found a way to connect with the real Kate’s fans and allow them to catch a glimpse or take a photo with an *almost* real life princess.

The issue is split with one side using their uncanny looks for profit and the other side stating that they take zero personal gain whatsoever. As of now, this service is 100% legal but the question that stands though, is it right?

If a person were to dress like you, act like you, and show up at events claiming to be you or allowing people to assume that they were you, it would be considered identity theft. But because these celebrities are in the public spotlight they are unfortunately powerless to take any action in regards to protesting the service.

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