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Experience Life Through a New Set of Eyes

Having good eyesight is an essential part of living a well-rounded life. If you cannot see properly, you miss out on a lot of life experiences. Due to the fact that many Americans suffer from vision problems, a large portion of the population must wear contact lenses or eyeglasses. However, Lasik surgery has become increasingly popular over recent years. Continue reading

A Car Title Loan Can Provide Assistance for the Unemployed

Department store retailer Kohl’s recently announced a major office relocation to Dallas. The Wisconsin-based department store promised to create 1,500 jobs over the next four years. Kohl’s has also committed to hire and train workers from socioeconomically challenged backgrounds. The company said it plans to open the customer service operations center in late spring 2014 and will begin hiring then. Available positions will be for hourly and management jobs. Initially it will hire 300 people. Continue reading

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