Dallas Car Title Loans



Car Title Loans in Dallas

I just could not believe it and I know I have to share this with everyone in Texas. I tried everywhere to get a car title loan in Dallas and everyone said the same thing. That it was not possible. Sure, I just moved here to Dallas from and i have gotten loans froom there before. As a matter of fact, you can just drive down the block and see either a payday loan company or a installment loan location on every block but when I got here, nothing.

So I checked out this site and they said everywhere and well everywhere is Texas right? So I applied expecting to get rejected. Then the funniest thing happened, they called me about 10 minutes later and said that I could get a car title loan in Bangor.

The reason why it was different is because in Texas, the rules are a little weird. I could still get a loan just like I did before but I would have to let them put it on a debit card of which they send me. Wow. No sweat. I could pull as much cash as I need and even use it to pay bills. The money (and I want to tell you it was over $7000) was there in about 3 days. That was it. Not a problem at all.

Now the sweetest part of this deal was the interest rate. I was expecting to get socked big time because my credit is pretty bad and I thought that would they would nail me on this but they didn’t. They only charged me 3% per month on the balance. Yeppers… I’m one happy woman because this was in fact lower than any credit I had before.

The cash is real. The loan is real. So I just felt it was pretty important I tell the everyone in Texas that if you want a car title loan in Dallas (which is where I live), I would HIGHLY suggest pressing that Apply button.

By the way, these guys are real sweet and that Camera is really them. They waved to me while I was on the phone with them.