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A Car Title Loan Helped my Son Develop his Talent

My son, Adrian, has always been a quiet, but intelligent boy, and I never really had to worry about his grades. But, sometimes he would seem a little withdrawn, and I would worry. However, when his school music teacher called to tell me he had a great talent, I was overjoyed to hear it, and wanted to help in any way I could.

Apparently, Adrian had been playing piano in his music lessons, which were only two hours a week, and the teacher saw great promise in his piano playing skills. She thought that with a bit of encouragement, and a lot more practice, my son could be entered into a state concert. I was so excited, but then, Adrian was very limited with the amount of time he could play piano at school; what he really needed was a piano of his own to practice on.

That was the downside; our family have a relatively humble home; I live with my husband, Adrian and his sister, Leona. We manage to pay our bills, and a few little extras, but we just didn’t have the money saved to pay for a piano.

Of course, Adrian said it was fine, but I knew he had so much potential and I really wanted to see him succeed in something; it occurred to me that it might even help draw him out of his shell a bit, and just imagine if he got to perform at a state-wide concert – I’d be so proud!

That’s when I did some research into Dallas car title loans, and decided to apply. I wasn’t expected to hear back, but to my surprise, within the hour I had received an email telling me that my application had been successful. After working out an amount and a realistic repayment schedule that suited our needs as a family, I had the money within a day, and was able to choose the most suitable piano for my son to practice on.

It managed to fit in his room, and within just a few weeks his playing had improved remarkably; the teacher was ever so pleased, and eventually Adrian played at the concert. He was so brave up on stage, and played perfectly, with his family and school mates cheering him on in the audience; and it was all because of a car title loan!

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There are no additional fees as long as you pay the money back within the agreed repayment schedule, and of course, you can still use your car while making your repayments, so there’s nothing lose. You can even apply if you have a bad credit rating, or previous bankruptcy!

So why not check out Dallas car title loans today? They could help you when you need it most.