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Behold The Wonders Of The iPhone 5!

You’ve probably seen commercials for Apple’s new iPhone 5, or if you hang out with technological trendsetters, maybe you’ve seen it firsthand and played with it yourself.

The iPhone 5 is a pretty awesome piece of technology.  First of all, it just looks awesome, with the longer, wider screen and slimmed down design.  Unlike previous editions of the iPhone, which were on the heavy side, the 5 is light as a feather and fits nicely in a purse or pants pocket.  The sleek, metal design makes the phone look and feel similar to the fighter jet silver of Apple’s MacBook laptops, and it also makes the phone more durable than the iPhone 4 and 4S, which featured an outer shell made of glass.

The iPhone 5 isn’t just a cosmetic improvement for the industry’s best-selling smartphone.  The A6 processor is lightning-fast, and the new features (like turn-by-turn directions and faster 4G data service) make it the best smartphone on the market.  The new iPhone also boasts improved battery life, which is a major plus for smartphone owners who love to text, FaceTime, surf the web, and use all the other features their phones possess.

Of course, like any cool, new piece of technological hardware, the iPhone 5 carries a hefty price tag.  The 16 GB version of the phone is $199, the 32 GB version is $299, and the 64 GB is $399.  Also, when you own a smartphone, you need to own a data plan.  The most inexpensive data plans, generally speaking, get 1 GB of data a month for around $30.  If you think you’ll need more data coverage, you may have to pay as much as $90 a month for unlimited data, which is a lot for anyone to afford.

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