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Don’t Let Texbooks Overwhelm You

I know that going to college is eventually going to pay off, but boy is it expensive.  I thought I had all my college expenses for the current semester taken care of until I realized I still had to buy books.  “How much can a few books cost?” I wondered.  Well, as things turned out, a few books can be seriously expensive.

I’m currently enrolled in five classes, which is pretty average for today’s college student.  Being a freshman, I’m still taking general education courses – stuff like biology, psychology, American History, and English.  When I got my course list and schedule, it came attached to the list of required books.  I saw that, in total, I needed 12 books.  That’s a lot, and when I went to the campus bookstore, I found out that some of them were really pricy.

Seven of the books I needed were novels, so they were relatively inexpensive.  The novels came out to $115 in total, which was a lot of money for me.  Unfortunately, that was just the tip of the iceberg.  The other five required books were textbooks – big, expensive textbooks.  These all cost about $100 apiece, which is just crazy.  These five books ended up being $510, which brought my total books cost to $625.

Needless to say, I did not intend on spending $625 on books.  I was able to afford them, but I was totally unable to go out to eat or to the movies for the next month or so.  I knew that next semester’s books wouldn’t be cheap either, and I didn’t want to sacrifice my entertainment for books again.  Sitting in on a Friday night when everyone else is not fun, let me tell you…

I found my resource to pay for next semester’s books – Dallas Car Title Loans.  They are a lender that gives out fast cash loans without a credit check, which is a big deal for a college student like my myself.  When next semester’s book list arrives in my inbox, I won’t stress out – I’ll just turn to Dallas Car Title Loans and get a loan to buy them!