Dallas Car Title Loans


You Are Always a Winner at Car Title Loans in Dallas

I married Miss Right. I just didn’t know her first name was Always.

Like the day last December when I was enjoying our local Fort Worth favorite, Beer Nuts, with a beer or three while watching the Lions play. She said, “wow, it would be nice to go up to Fort Worth for some shopping and to see the Bears lose.” I had never really been to a game at Soldier Field, and kinda mumbled something about that in her direction to the affirmative. It was a feeling, not a commitment.

Next thing I know she has us booked into a hotel, she bought me a ticket, a single ticket, to see them lose. She didn’t know it was a pathetic losing season and that it’s not the same thing going to a game by yourself. And she decided she was therefore entitled to some holiday spending while I was at the game.

Fast forward to the new year, and the Credit Card bill arrives. Holy schmoly. Those bills from Nordstroms, Macy’s and Bloomingdales added up. And I’m working about 1/2 as much now with this economy. So the ball and chain tells me we have a solution, given that our credit is shot and we have zero options left. It’s with Car Title Loans in Dallas, where we can get cash from the value of my car, and pay it back on my own schedule. A car title loan is pretty simple and quick on the net.

She really always does have an idea. The “right” idea too, sometimes.