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My husband likes to astound everyone with his huge store of knowledge. This past Christmas he said to everyone that in every episode of Seinfeld there is a Superman somewhere.

Yeah, he’s just an amazing pile of brains. The fact he purchased a gas guzzler in early 2008, about three minutes before gas costs climbed to $4.00 a gallon was another one of his incredible moves. He purchased it with cash, too, because he had just obtained an inheritance. I guess it was better than moving it into the stock market, especially with him, because his last investment in huge TV satellite dishes hit just before they moved out of the market. He saw one at his cousin Marvin’s in Mississippi and thought it was the next greatest. What do you expect from someone who believes he was great personal friends with Michael Jordan’s next door neighbor when he was in high school?

Well, my next great thing was discovering how his idiotic, paid-for Cadillac Escalade actually comes in handy for more than camping trips. We came up short on cash a few months ago because of a broken washing machine, and I needed about $500 to get a new one. So I went to a car title loan company I found online. Sure enough, with The Colony Car Title Loans, I was able to obtain the $500 in a couple days. The perfect fix, and finally that inheritance is helping me out too. It’s the closest thing to Superman in this home.