Dallas Car Title Loans


Car Title Loans in Dallas, Easy as Pie

I knew when I married my wife she’s not much of a chef. She told me she could not make Jello because she couldn’t figure how to get two cups of water into the little packets. Yeah, she’s a dumb.

So I decided I would be the cook. And I didn’t want to be an regular cook. I wanted to be a master cook, able to make amazing things like I see on the Food Network. So I went out and bought a $1000 oven, $1200 refrigerator, $4000 worth of top line cookware, a microwave/food processor, and a total selection of more than 80 spices and herbs. It all set me back more than $10,000.

And I’m using it. More now than ever — because I lost my job and have time at home to really cook great food. The problem is I’m still paying for a lot of this cool kitchen with a big loss of income. How do I keep the repo man away?

I went to Dallas Title Loans, a car title loan company that valued my Pinto at more than $14,000. It’s pretty easy to do, all online, approved in an hour, money in a day – real fast cash. I didn’t need that much, but it’s just enough to avoid inuring late fees on my credit cards while I wait on some new job to come along. It’s a great back up. And at the end of the day, I’d rather be eating a fine fusion of French and Thai vegetables than bad Jello.